Jump in industry coverage

25 August 2019

Another jump in industry coverage for the DeerPRO programme has highlighted statistics for the 2018-19 venison production season.

After several years of farmers steadily joining up for our services, last season continued strongly in the same direction. 

As the season concludes, our DeerPRO reports will be going out with season summaries to nearly 500 farmers. Their stock represents 70% of the industry's venison production and 90% of the gradually declining number of deer identified with Johne's disease suspect lesions.

Our expanded coverage is a result of several factors. Firstly, there is a growing farmer awareness of the programme. There is also our efforts to contact new farmers, supported by the Deer Industry's Passion 2 Profit Primary Growth Partnership. On top of that there is the on-going tech-transfer work presenting the benefits of the programme to farmer and veterinary groups and events throughout the country. Collectively these initiatives are creating great results.   

Our focus next season will be to grow on further still and keep looking ahead to support farmers and the wider industry in growing the worlds best red meat with the very highest degree of sustainability, profitability and ethical practice. 




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